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bad [havent even loaded the game lol]

Simple, but cute and enjoyable. Main complaint is that when you try to walk away from an NPC, a lot of the time it triggers them to talk again.

This game is obviously dead, having had no updates in three years. It's a shame. It's a nice start with much potential, but a few minutes to get to 40 damage and HP leaves me wanting more.

Cool, its a nice game.

The game is good, however the map is too small which I kinda expected for a game that is this good that was made in a short amount of time. I do agree with some of the other comments in which there could be more hp options and there could also be more enemies. All in all, great game and if you do decide to improve the game, I would love to see where it goes.

how do i dodge?


I really liked it i even rated it 5 stars... there is a problem tough with hp it seems we can`t get enough....

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It's a little frustrating to get down to 2 health, and have to spend 37 gold to get a single HP back. Keep the +1 HP potions cheap, add some more expensive ones that add more HP or have other special features.

Would like to be able to skip the dialogue, also.

As someone else said, needs a way to distinguish strong enemies from weak ones. Maybe label them with levels or make the regions more separated (like around the village, they're weak, but if I cross a bridge there's stronger ones or something).

EDIT: After posting my complaint about the indistinguishable enemies, I went back in, and eventually ran into a 600 HP Mystic sitting directly in front of the village. It had wandered from the top of the map to the desert.

Good game, please continue development

Really love this game! Me and my younger brother played it so much we got to the point where we had 47 dmg and we were looking for an enemy. I really had a fun time with this game (and probably spent way too much time on it but hey, its fun) and I think it should be given a little more content, and then put on the app store! Again really great game!

I think this is a really good base to build something more off of. I took a look at your game in a video I made about the LD game jam recently. I share the complaint that the dialogue noise being annoying. I also had some issue with the enemies that I talked about in my video, specifically how I died a bunch because I couldn't distinguish between strong and weak enemies. Overall I think it's pretty good, especially considering it was made in a weekend.

Nice gfx with simple controls, and pretty fun too! Good job! However, the sound effect used for dialogues does get annoying so maybe an option to turn it off would have been nice. Nevertheless, I enjoyed playing this game very much. :)

Okay then.

This made me laugh.

Simple but entertaining game.