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That is amazing!!!

Thanks Nick :)

Great alternative for poor people, and others... and Nintendo... yeah it sure can exist.. Right?





Why have YOU came this far


Finally can complete all levels in this short remake. Now I understand what Mark Brown mentioned in his video about thinking outside the box.

Lives system is kinda annoying but it's not big deal.


I don't have money so this is a very nice alternative :)

also sorry to see those comments that are rather rude


Thanks. Well there will always be people that likes and people that hates the game. Remember that this is a game jam game, so it's not perfect, but some people like to trash people I guess :) 


Wow, it's a blatant knockoff of Newground's Gravity Snake

Except it's worse, because you decided to add lives so you have to replay the entire game if you make too many mistakes



its a blatant knockoff of  Noumenon Games's Snakebird. A challanging puzzle game.

Released 4th of May 2015 with a 10/10 on The Steam Platform

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I haven't heard of Gravity Snake before, but looking at the dates it looks like SnakeBird came long before Gravity Snake. I based my game on SnakeBird, that's why it looks like snake bird but in pixel art :). 

Also I like that you created profile, and have only one post dedicated just to this game.

Thank you for your commitment and I hope you'll like my next game better :)

Actually... It's a remake of Mark's Snakebird.


Why would you have a puzzle game with a limited number of lives? It's dumb enough with a normal game, but at least they have some replay value, even if there's no reason to force someone to replay it. Why would you do that with a puzzle?

The first few levels were good. No idea about the rest.


SnakeBird NES (Full Game)


small problem
at the start of the game 10 lives look like 18 lives

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Took me 30 Minutes, but i beat it c:


Very clever game design. It's a nice puzzle game. Too hard for me (only got to level 4), but maybe will try again someday. Nice work!


i'm bad at level 4 ngl

Too easy to Snakabird!

I wish I understand what you are saying in video, I hope you liked the game. Thanks for playing and making video ;)


Ah, another developer mistaking bad game design as difficulty.

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I like one liner comment with no explanation, directed in a way to say nothing constructive about the game or developer. Thanks for playing  :)


to bad this aint a Nes  rom i can,t play this on ezflash cart

I don’t think this will run on real nes console, but maybe next time I create something that can ;)


Gah this is so dope!

Glad you liked the game ;)